Friday, April 13, 2007

Not getting any better, nuff-nuff

I've broken my collar bone, so I'm pretty much stuck with the trains for the next several weeks. Tuesday the 07:13 was eight minutes late, I had medical appointments Wednesday and Thursday so worked from home around those. Today the 07:13 was about also eight minutes late. So late even by nuff-nuff's who-gives-a-toss-about-plebs-on-trains standards.

And there we're back to my favourite topic - lack of information. It's taking me much longer to get ready in the morning, so I'm racing to get to Ripponlea on time. If the SMS notification system worked as it should, I would know I didn't have to hurry!

As for the cloth-eared nuff-nuff, it seems even her own colleagues despise her. Good to know we got that right. Now who's with me in a campaign to bring Peter Batchelor back...?!