Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Down, up, pedals, down, up, down

Every time I get a rhythm going on the bike that old Mixtures song comes into my head. I've been seeing how I go with bringing the bike in on the 07:14 then cycling home. There's more than a few nutjobs on the road so it does present a bit of a challenge, but I've finally worked out a route that keeps me reasonably clear of most of that.

I have another Perth trip next week then things should get back to normal after that. I'm not sure whether resuming the blog makes sense though. It was always my intent to continue with the daily stats, but of course the worst problems are in the evenings, and at this stage I'm not sure I'll be using the evening trains very often. Maybe we'll just see how it looks over the next few weeks... A couple of hot days or a close shave or two with an aforementioned nutjob and perhaps Connex won't look so bad!

I haven't commented on the change of ownership of the transport portfolio. I'll take full credit for my campaign started back on 1 June to get him out - http://connexwhinger.blogspot.com/2006/06/thu-1-june-weasel-words_01.html - OK, perhaps others may have had a hand in it too! The fact is that he's gone and it's hard to see his replacement being quite the weasel he is. So long Batchelor, you useless cretin, you got your just desserts.