Monday, March 19, 2007

Great start Connex!

Here we are, Monday morning and already the 06:40 and the 07:13 are cancelled. So if you're on the 06:59 or the 07:29, be prepared for getting up close and personal with your travelling companions. Update: add the 08:09 to that list!

Last week I kept my train travel to a minimum, including running home on Friday, only 10-15 minutes longer than the train journey and much more enjoyable. I'm in Perth this week so hopefully next week I can get back to train in - cycle home again.

Looks like we have some West Australian support for Transperth to take over from Connex - - get on board! I've written to Allanah MacTiernan to see what she thinks of the idea. Wonder if I'll get a reply. Meanwhile, the cloth-eared nuff-nuff is "here to help me" according to her website - - but I'm not sure how as she doesn't even respond to emails. Clearly she's not open to the idea of Ms MacTiernan showing her how it's done!