Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Come back Pete!

Who ever thought there could be a worse Transport Minister than Peter Batchelor? Certainly I didn't. However I think the preliminary report card on Ms Kosky suggests I was wrong.


The above article not only tells us that Kosky believes Connex is doing fine, but also thinks we're being a bit hard on them! Aaahhh poor Connex, the most pathetically inept management you could imagine is really just misunderstood. Apparently it's all our fault for being too slow getting in and out of those carriages. That wouldn't be because they're jam-packed with people would it Ms Kosky?

This is very bad news. Here we had the opportunity to start getting our public transport system sorted and here's some cloth-eared nuff-nuff who's been in the job five minutes deciding that she's got it all sussed, she's right and we're wrong. No discussion, no debate, no public accountability, that's it.