Thursday, May 10, 2007

Liars, damned liars and politicians

Hands up, who's looked at the cloth-eared nuff-nuff's personal website? If you haven't, check it out at

The bit that amuses me is her opening sentence...

"As your state parliamentary representative I am here to help you!"

And what really amuses me is that last bit is not just me emphasising it, it is actually bolded on her website... lucky old me, Lynne is here to help me!

So I spent a fair while back in early February crafting a well thought out email offering her some sensible ideas and inviting her to come and meet some of the travelling public who would like her help, me included. After all she did offer to help me!

I received an automated acknowledgement, so it seems the email at least made it to her office. But now, more than three months later, I have yet to receive any further response. Lynne, where's the help you offered me? Could it be that you are lying? Could it be that you are not here to help me at all? Could it be that you, like most other politicians, are only in it for yourself? Surely not?

If you are not lying and you really are here to help me and other long-suffering commuters, how about coming down to Flinders Street one day at peak hour and check out your domain for yourself? Talk to a couple of your consituents waiting patiently for their sardine can trains. In short, put up or shut up... help me!