Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh well...

It looks as if the change at the top has not made any difference to the enthusiasm of the Labor government for pouring our hard-earned into inefficient private enterprise.

And that can only mean more of the same for Melbourne's long-suffering commuters. Luckily it appears that a couple of totalitarian government operators are interested in taking up the challenge. Who knows, if Singapore's SMRT wins the bid over Connex we might be able to convince them to broaden their portfolio - then we'd see some efficiencies around Victoria!

After the failed "Don't hold others back" campaign, I see the latest push from Connex is a broader campaign to educate us to be better commuters. Don't fart, don't spread your legs, don't wear a backpack, don't put on make-up, don't talk on your mobile, don't listen to an iPod etc. Maybe Singapore's SMRT already has control?