Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Failure to communicate

Enter Flinders Street Station at 17:20, hoping the 17:26 is OK. The flash new screens suggest the next Sandy train is the 16:58... Uh oh!

Indeed the monitor on platform 13 monitor confirms the next train is the 16:58. While platform 12's monitor suggests nothing there until the 17:49.

Meanwhile the new service update page is still not showing any issues on the Sandy line.

Suddenly at 17:25 the screens on both platforms give us the "Listen for Announcement" notice. We try, but it's inaudible, so there's just a sea of confused faces on the platform. Moments later a train pulls into platform 12, with no announcement. Is it ours? The LED display helpfully welcomes us to Connex but stubbornly refuses to tell us whether it's the Sandy train or not. Turns out it is...

Communication guys, that's all we ask!