Thursday, May 03, 2007

More trains - too little too late

So Bracks, Brumby and Kosky are proudly delivering a whopping ten extra trains - in two years! They're going to carry a HUGE 8,000 people in peak hour. But let's not get too excited here. Let's assume that's one extra service on the Sandy line in peak hour, or around 17% extra capacity.

Earth to Bracks Government... you've got that increase already! If you had those trains operational today they'd already be full to overflowing, you cretins. By 2009 (realistically 2010) when these ten trains are operational, they'll be more crowded than today's sardine tins.

Where is your vision? And where is our new train control system, while you're at it? And while we're discussing your technology, what's with the new screens at Flinders Street? Can we anticipate actually seeing more (or even some) useful and accurate information on them? Don't think I'll be getting any big surprises there!