Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wed-Fri 1-3 February - Perth...

In Perth for the next three days...

Tue 31 January - A familiar story...

My daughter starts school today so I'm heading in a bit late. Just like a few weeks ago, the morons on the road conspire to ensure that I just miss the train - in this case, the 09:11, so I'm waiting for the 09:24. Connex then joins in the conspiracy and announces that it's seven minutes late. They later revise this to six minutes, but it's actually seven anyway!

Meanwhile over on platform 2, the 09:12 is about 5 minutes late and the 09:26 is going to be as well. We pull into Flinders Street eight minutes late. Doing well this morning Connex.

Home on the 17:38 and it's on time.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Mon 30 January - Where's the 07:59...?

The platform intercom tells us the 07:59 is cancelled again. This time there's an SMS confirming it shortly afterwards. Seems to be a fairly unreliable service that one.

The 07:14 is pretty much on time.

Home on the 17:49 and it's more or less on time too.