Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tue 31 January - A familiar story...

My daughter starts school today so I'm heading in a bit late. Just like a few weeks ago, the morons on the road conspire to ensure that I just miss the train - in this case, the 09:11, so I'm waiting for the 09:24. Connex then joins in the conspiracy and announces that it's seven minutes late. They later revise this to six minutes, but it's actually seven anyway!

Meanwhile over on platform 2, the 09:12 is about 5 minutes late and the 09:26 is going to be as well. We pull into Flinders Street eight minutes late. Doing well this morning Connex.

Home on the 17:38 and it's on time.


Anonymous Sam said...

7:54 am at Ormond cancelled again this morning. 4:54 pm to Mordi cancelled last night. I can understand that as these services start and terminate earlier than each end of the line that they should be the first to go, what worries me is that whatever problem this is, it's occurring at the same time each morning and afternoon giving Connex time to cancel these particular trains. This tells me that these aren't unavoidable and unpredictable problems but a systemic problem. That and the fact that I have caught one of the newer trains once in the past week or so. Don't tell us Connex that you bought new trains that weren't fit for running on our tracks, or for our climate?!?!


31 January, 2006 10:54  

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