Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tue 3 January - Happy new year...

Well not such a happy start to the commuting new year for some...

You get to Ripponlea at 08:20 to see the 08:19 disappearing into the distance. No worries, they're every 10 minutes at this time of day, so you won't have to wait too long... What's that? The 08:29 is cancelled? Oh well, guess you'll just have to wait for the 08:39. What? It's cancelled too? Damn! Just have to be the 08:49 then... oh wait, that's the token one withdrawn during the holiday period. So the next train is the 08:59.

Nice effort Connex, you'll have some people waiting close to 40 minutes for a train that's supposed to run every ten minutes. And they just paid more for their tickets too... happy 2006!

Fortunately for me I'm on my usual 07:14 and it's only a couple of minutes late.

Home on the 17:27 and it's fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stocked up on over $500 of tickets to bet the price rise.

I'd guess people from Prahran would have had a 50 min gap? Lucky they have trams nearby.

03 January, 2006 22:54  

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