Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thu 29 December - Confused...

On the 07:29 this morning - and it's on time.

What's confusing though is that the in-carriage displays and station announcements are seven stations behind. So as we pull into Balaclava we're told it's Hampton, Windsor is Brighton Beach etc. We're finishing at Elsternwick this morning!

Home on the 17:17 and it's pretty much on time. Considering the 17:07 has been dropped for the next few weeks, it was not crowded either. Not sure how it will go next week though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to travel home on a carriage strewn with empty pre mix cans and cigarette butts. Connex can't organise a decent timetable, so I suppose it really is too much to ask for cleaners to give the carriages a once over and perhaps a sweep before they leave Flinders Street for the return journey. Or better yet, some sort of security presence to deter people from drinking and smoking on the trains in the first place.
Oh and 33 degrees today so better drink plenty of water before I leave work and get on the old trains with no air con. I wonder when the next letter from Bruce full of the same old excuses is due?

29 December, 2005 09:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce is probarly on holiday until the end of the Connex holiday timetable, that is in place until January 21.

29 December, 2005 15:52  

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