Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wed 28 December - SMS AWOL...

A bit late this morning - waiting for the dryer to finish. No 07:59. No SMS. The 08:09 is not too crowded, thankfully.

It was interesting to compare Regional Express (Rex) with Connex on Friday. Waiting around, no information on delays, people trying to find a spare plane as the Mildura one is defective. Luckily for us they didn't give our Albury plane to the Mildura passengers and we were only about half an hour late... I wonder if Bruce Hughes has a brother and he's in charge of Rex.

Just for completeness, the XPT to Melbourne was also late into Albury. However, they did alert us quite early that it was running about 20 minutes late. They gave us an update every few minutes and in the end it was only about 15 minutes late. See Bruce, it's not difficult to keep your customers informed - give your counterpart at Countrylink a call, I'm sure he can give you some tips!

Home on the 17:27 - as usual there's no sign of the train at the appointed departure time and there's no announcement. We arrive at Ripponlea four minutes late.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No SMSes for the Frankston line passengers today either. Hmmmm...

28 December, 2005 22:14  

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