Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wed 21 December - Another hot day...

Looks like we'll exceed 30°C again today, so that'll cause massive disruption on the Connex network this evening. It's as if the network is designed to operate in calm, dry weather, between 15 and 25°C - go too far outside those parameters and things start to get a bit iffy.

Ummm Bruce? You may want to consider the fact that we're in Melbourne, the city with the most changeable weather in the world. And if you're not going to bother actually fixing your network then can you please concentrate on your customer information instead?

I'm on the 10:32 today after another doctor's visit - it's four minutes late into Flinders Street. So if the peak hour trains are late, and the off-peak trains are late too, how are Connex' stats so good?

Fortunately I'm offered a lift home, so avoid the Flinders Street drama for one evening at least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget you're train was only delayed 4 mins this morning...needs to be 6" to be late.

At least you're train ran - the 11:45am Frankston - Flinders St was dropped today, mainly because I was catching it I think.

21 December, 2005 19:23  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Of course, I was forgetting that we were still "on time" according to Connex!

21 December, 2005 20:24  

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