Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wed 7 December - No free tickets...

Seems I need to read things more carefully... Not only do you need to have MORE THAN three cancellations of the same train within a week, you also have to validate your ticket each time within half an hour of the scheduled departure time, then you only get one free ticket, not two.

So let's have a closer look at this. Four days out of five your regular train has to be cancelled. Having experienced four cancellations in six days, I struggle to imagine how angry I'd be if that were more frequent. Would a single $3.10 ticket compensate me for having lost God knows how much extra time due to their incompetence? It's not appropriate to publish my hourly rate here, but I would be looking for something in the region of $100 for my lost time - $3.10 just doesn't quite do it for me!

Then you need to look a little more closely at the validation requirement. OK, we're on a line with trains every 10-12 minutes in peak hour, but what about those people on a line where they're 20 minutes apart? Your 07:00 is cancelled, you wisely decide to let the 07:20 go as it'll be a double trainload, so you catch the 07:40 - bzzzt, no free tickets for you, sucker!

So my guess is nobody will ever make a claim under this rule. Here's the challenge Connex and Batchelor - build your compensation payments around peak hour trains only. Give ALL OF US, whatever ticket type we have, compensation when peak hour trains drop below 90%, as measured by my slightly less generous method. Then we'll see some real progress.

The 07:14 is on time, by the way!

The 18:01 is about three minutes late at Ripponlea.


Anonymous Tighe said...

What about the fare increase as of January 1? I think it's disgusting considering that Connex's service has decreased over the last twelve months since the last fare increase. On my line, Hurstbridge, Connex couldn't even meet the threshold for 'on time' performance from February to July!!! And now they want me to pay even more!?!

07 December, 2005 09:44  
Anonymous Sam said...

ANOTHER fare increase??? Surely they wouldn't dare. Is there an online link to the new prices?


07 December, 2005 15:38  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Looks like they would dare...,5478,17486434%255E2862,00.html

07 December, 2005 19:32  

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