Friday, November 25, 2005

Fri 25 November - Late...

A late start today after going to the doctor this morning... seems the pneumonia is pretty much under control, so that's good.

On the 10:47, which rolls in about three minutes late - can't even run to time during off peak!

Didn't ring Connex about SMS today as the alerts seemed to be working again this morning.

Just missed the 17:49, so waiting for the 18:01. And waiting and waiting. As usual, the departure time comes and goes and there's no announcement from Connex to keep us informed. They manage to find 100 plus staff to manage the farcical one-way experiment, but nobody to simply let passengers know what's going on. Get a clue Connex!

It eventually arrives at about 18:06 and we depart a minute or so later. Chockers again, but we're used to that. We pull up at Ripponlea around seven minutes late, hot and cranky. Connex you are really hopeless. But I know people are dying, so it's OK to keep running a shoddy service (see Tuesday's blog).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Frankston line...

Singal faults at Caulfield at 3pm delaying trains by up to 30 mins


Someone else is killed at Chelsea around 6pm.

Here's hoping we help push the ontime stats under 92%...

26 November, 2005 00:35  

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