Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tue 22 November - Gimme strength...!

I swear there's a bunch of people in Connex whose sole purpose is to dream up new things for me to whinge about! OK, maybe that's a little self-centred, but some days you just have to wonder...

This morning we're trialling the one-way system in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. If I needed encouragement to consider taking those two weeks off and heading interstate, this was a big tick in that box. We're all forced to go through one exit instead of the several that we generally have available, so of course we're all milling around at the escalator taking ages to finally get off the platform. We then have to all queue up at the barriers to get out, along with several other trainloads of people. What the hell will this be like at peak hour today? God only knows. Somehow this is meant to be more efficient, but I would really like to see how they're measuring this and what conclusions they draw from this pathetic experiment.

They seem to be thinking that the massive flows of people in one direction will somehow work better than the current entry/exit from all points. How? It seems to me to work fine at peak hour just the way it is - they're hardly likely to increase passenger numbers, since by their own admission, they are running at capacity. It's not as if many more people will be passing through Flinders Street than we generally get during peak hour anyway. What a complete and utter waste of time!

And it's the same going home - instead of simply going in the normal entrance at the bottom of Elizabeth Street we have to head down to the main entrance. What are you cretins trying to achieve with this? So there's a bunch of blokes blocking the entrance and, in my usual fashion, I say in a very loud voice "What a waste of time for everybody". To which one of our Connex people replies "You're bothered about this, there's people dying you know". Well thanks for that insight, Einstein. Can we conclude from that comment that Connex should be able to do anything they want since nothing they could do could every be as bad as people dying?!

Anyway, the 17:27 ends up being about eight minutes late, it's crowded and the aircon seems to be malfunctioning again. Looking forward to those 40° days being locked into one of the new trains with no aircon and double the passenger load. But at least that weasel Batchelor thinks it's all OK - though how he'd know in his government funded limo I'm not sure.


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