Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wed 2 November - Well done Makybe Diva...

Not that Makybe Diva has anything to do with Connex and its performance. Just thought I'd throw that in as a comment on such an historic win yesterday.

The 07:14 is on time this morning.

The 17:38 is late. Very late. In fact it leaves well after the 17:49 is supposed to leave - there's no sign of it either. We're jam packed by the time we leave Richmond and it's even worse after South Yarra. It's hot and there's hot bodies pressed against other hot bodies. This is not a pleasant hot body to hot body experience, it's a very unpleasant one. We arrive at Ripponlea about 15 minutes late.

Apparently the poor trains don't like it when the temperature exceeds 30ÂșC.


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