Monday, October 24, 2005

Mon 24 October - Back to normal...

The 07:14 is on time and we're back on platform 8. It's a nice spring morning and we're all happy... aren't we?

Well maybe we were this morning... Arrive in plenty of time for the 17:38, no sign of it. At 17:40 we're given a message that the train is running two to three minutes late. Hmmm, so that means it must be just about ready to leave then? Pity there's no sign of a train anywhere. It pulls in a couple of minutes later and at 17:43 it seems the driver's anxious to get going as the doors are trying to close while people are still boarding.

We pause for a while outside the tennis centre, so by the time we get to Richmond we're about seven or eight minutes late. The train is packed solid by the time we leave South Yarra. Ah the good ole days! We pull in to Ripponlea ten minutes late.


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