Monday, October 17, 2005

Mon 17 October - Spoke too soon...

At the weekend I posted in my summary the following "There's no doubt now that they are performing much better than when I started this blog" - which was tempting fate, of course!

When the SMS alerts are working, they're a real plus. At 05:55 this morning I get the message that the 07:14 is cancelled. Plenty of time to have breakfast, make my sangers, have my shower and still catch the earlier train. And it's only a little bit late too! It's good when the alert service actually delivers as advertised.

Of course I still need to have a whinge... The train pulls in about two minutes late on platform 10. I used to think 12 and 13 were bad, but that's worse. Half of it is closed off because it's falling apart. And if you're in the front half of the train you're all having to double back down the platform and queue to get out of the one exit. Just the start to the week that I wanted - not!

Starting to feel like old times now... 17:18 we receive a message that the 17:27 is cancelled. Decide to let the 17:38 go as it's going to be carrying a double load and go for the 17:49 instead. It ends up a couple of minutes late.

So my planned inbound train was cancelled and my planned outbound train was overloaded due to the previous cancellation - feels like we're back to April!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun on the Frankston line today too...

7:20, 8:01 & 8:20 all cancelled - first time in a while that 3 or more have been cancelled in the same morning on our line. The 7:20 seems to be the worst offender.

No doubt the 8:07 would have been a sardine can by Moorabbin, where it runs express.

17 October, 2005 17:46  

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