Friday, November 04, 2005

Fri 4 November - Dude, where's my SMS...?

The 07:14 is OK. The 08:09 isn't, and again no SMS alert. I have not received one since the 08:49 was cancelled on 26 October (which they sent at 09:20 by the way!). I know there have been several cancellations since then, so why no alerts?

For reasons I won't go into, I carry two mobile phones - one Orange, one Vodafone - each number is set to cover a three hour window morning and evening. So it's not as if these cancellations have been outside my coverage times, and if two different mobile networks are not receiving SMSes from Connex while other SMSes get through, I think we can safely conclude that Connex is not sending them. If I get some spare time today I might ring them and ask.

Didn't get a chance to ring them up so still no idea what's happening there.

We're rounding out a bad week with further delays. The 17:49 leaves about seven minutes late and gets to Ripponlea eight minutes late. Connex has slipped back into old habits this week and it can't all be down to the signal problems on Wednesday!


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