Monday, November 07, 2005

Mon 7 November - Off to Perth again...

This week starts like last week - a late train and no information. I'm on the 08:49 and it's about four minutes late. For some reason the platform enquiry system declined to guess when it would arrive, even though it was only three or four stops down the line. No doubt this problem is linked to the lack of SMS alerts. One of the PDP-11s must be very sick.

Thankfully I'm going to Perth for a few days. Let's hope it's all sorted by Friday.


Blogger JPW said...

Hello you whinging bastard!

Your blog was brought to my attention by one of your readers. It may, or may not, interest you to learn that I am presently campaigning for a "Refuse To Pay Day" in Melbourne on Thursday December 1. You may, or possibly may not, wish to check the following links for edification:

Refuse To Pay Day - Campaign Notes & Manifesto
Refuse To Pay Day - FAQ

09 November, 2005 19:59  
Blogger korbrakai said...

connex are back to their old ways, Werribee Line this afternoon was running aprox 8 mins late. Belgrave running 3 mins late and Sydenham running 5 mins late. They have been horrible this week. You would be pleased to hear that i have sent off 4 complaints to connex this week, so im making myself heard. But they havent go back to me. Refuse to pay day looks like a very good idea, since we get such a shitty service but i have a yearly, i have

09 November, 2005 23:56  
Anonymous Sam said...


While I applaud the idea, in practicality it simply will not work. Why? For the simple reason that the people most likely to subscribe to the idea, are the frequent users who purchase weekly or monthly tickets. Just like yourself. The average user that would normally pay for a daily, or 2 hourly ticket simply won't be interested. That is why I like Phil's idea. If we can get as many people as possible complaining to Connex via their own methods, and asking for follow up responses and real answers, then the extra work caused them will be a constant reminder that they need to improve the system. If you want to hand out flyers, then talk to Phil and do the saem as he does with handing out the complaint forms, telling people to make sure they ask for a response.

It is good to see The Age champion the commuter cause though. The PTUA are too useless to actually represent us so we should all back The Age and see if we can make a difference now while it's on the agenda. I fear the road lobby, and useless "studies" will win the day though.


10 November, 2005 13:22  
Anonymous Sam said...

Speaking of which, an excellent editorial piece

(The Age - subscription required.
Try BugMeNot if you don't have one)

Tunnel Vision: a victory for the road lobby


10 November, 2005 13:30  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Hi James

I'm not sure how successful it will be, but I had an inclination toward giving this a go myself - - I met Rebecca Turner and discussed tactics. Their situation was far worse than ours - ten times so, in my view, so I ended up putting on the back burner for now.

Email me at and we can take this offline. Happy to get involved.


11 November, 2005 18:52  

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