Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thu 24 November - Just about OK...

The 07:14 just sneaks in before 07:30, narrowly avoiding an orange.

However going home is a different kettle of fish... clearly the 17:27 has been cancelled, since the 17:38 is absolutely chockers. And no SMS alert was issued. We arrive at Ripponlea about three minutes late.

Memo to self - ring Connex tomorrow and ask when the SMS alert service is going to be reinstated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got an SMS today (shock!) for advising the cancellation of the 4:28pm Flinders St - Frankston...pity it came through at 5:20pm.

What's worse is that there was an accident at Chelsea this afternoon, and trains were terminating at Mordialloc. And guess what - NO message!

Lucky I delayed my return home, as I managed to time my trip beautifully - get to Mordialloc and waiting are at least 6 buses. Only train load fitted into 3 of them - and I got a row to myself! Great driver too.

Maybe we should convert the train network into busways like they have in Adelaide! :P

24 November, 2005 21:45  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

I received the 17:27 cancellation message at 18:33 - very useful! Only come through on Orange and not Vodafone.

This morning I received advance warning about the 07:39 being cancelled - came through on Orange at 07:02 and Vodafone at 07:05. Seems like they have been having some problems but maybe they're now fixed. Not that any of this matters as there are people dying you know!

25 November, 2005 08:16  
Anonymous Joe said...

Those "people dying" are on the Frankston line at Chelsea...and no we didn't get any SMS for Friday's death either.

26 November, 2005 01:44  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Joe, you possibly missed the context - this was on Tueday...

So there's a bunch of blokes blocking the entrance and, in my usual fashion, I say in a very loud voice "What a waste of time for everybody". To which one of our Connex people replies "You're bothered about this, there's people dying you know".

26 November, 2005 09:17  

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