Friday, December 02, 2005

Fri 2 December - Let's play Connex cancellations...

For the third time this week, my favourite train, the 07:14 is cancelled. On reflection, it seems odd that I should have a "favourite" train, and maybe that is overstating it a bit, but generally it is fairly reliable and it's not crowded and full of schoolkids. Maybe "preferred" is more apt.

Anyway the SMS alert works as I have time to get to Ripponlea for the earlier train.

My 4yo son asks about which train was cancelled, which one I'll catch instead and so on. Then he wants to know how I know it's cancelled, who the driver tells that the train is broken etc. I think this weekend we'll be playing "Connex cancellations" with his Thomas train set!

Home on the 17:49. No big surprise that it runs late and barely beats the six minute deadline to get a red. Not your best week Connex!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my childhood watching Thomas I never recall the fat controller cancelling a train. Many accidents, but no cancellations.

02 December, 2005 11:24  
Anonymous Sam said...

Thats an easy game. Tell him to go down the opposite end of the Thomas train track and that you will send a train down to him. Then get up and walk out of the room.

When he comes out an hour later asking what happened, you can say that there was a defective Thomas and he wasnt running via the lounge room today and that you are sorry for any incomvenience caused (all in your most unintelligible foreign accent of course).

A harsh lesson indeed.


02 December, 2005 16:14  

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