Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tue 6 December - Free tickets...?

I wonder if anybody has claimed their free tickets? Somebody posted a comment yesterday about three cancellations in a week entitling eligible ticket holders to two free daily tickets. It's about half-way down on this page (click here). Since I seem to rarely use the train for the whole week, my preference is to use daily tickets, since a five pack costs the same as a weekly there's no downside to this - except it does mean I can't claim their compensation tickets.

Anyway for those who do use a weekly or a monthly, go for it!

The 07:14 is more or less on time today.

Get to the entrance at the bottom of Elizabeth Street at about 18:40, the board shows the next train is the 19:05... What the...?! Ask the customer service bloke and he knows nothing and doesn't have anyone to ask. Another lady is wanting the same information, after he fails to provide it, she heads off to catch a tram.

I head around to the Swanston Street entrance and ask the customer service woman... same response. She suggests going up to the Stationmaster's office. She insists the main sign board is correct. I ask why the clock under the entrance says the next train is the 18:50. She says that’s old and is no good. My instinct says otherwise! I think back to a very similar incident ( on 28 July as it happens) when the sign boards were wrong and the old clock was right.

So I decide to head over to platform 8 before going to queue up to ask the Stationmaster. With a minute to spare I get there. There’s a train on platform 8, the monitor advises that it is indeed the 18:50 to Sandringham. Why aren’t the sign boards telling us this? Why don’t the customer service people know? Why don’t they have any way of finding out? Why are Connex so damned incompetent? And how many other would-be passengers, like the lady mentioned earlier, did not catch this train because Connex are too pathetic to update their signs?


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