Monday, December 05, 2005

Mon 5 December - Four out of six...

Could that be true? Four times in six days the 07:14 is cancelled. What the hell is going on at Connex? After last week's delivery of the worst "service" recorded in this blog, they're starting off in the same way this week. At least the SMS alert came through just in time.

At least the 17:49 is pretty much on time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Connex website:
Also on 1 July 2005, we will implement another significant extension to our service commitment.
From that date, if a particular advertised train service is cancelled more than 3 times in a week (and is not replaced by a bus), all eligible weekly and periodical ticket holders who validated their ticket within a half hour of these services on each of the relevant days will receive a free daily ticket for the zones specified on their ticket.

I'd seriously consider asking for compensation, even though it's be over 8 days.

05 December, 2005 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note it says MORE than 3 cancellatins in the one week. So maybe not counted.

Worth a shot anyway! ;)

06 December, 2005 16:50  

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