Monday, January 23, 2006

Mon 23 January - Good start...

At least we've started the week on a positive, the 07:14 is on time. The forecast is for temperatures in the high twenties, so that should mean this evening's trains are not disrupted too much.

After five cancellations on Friday evening Connex has some ground to make up. Mind you, both the 07:39 and 07:59 are gone this morning and it's not yet 07:30!

Well things are all downhill from there... a total of seven cancellation notices received today. That's right SEVEN. And that doesn't include the 17:38, which is effectively cancelled, since it leaves after the 17:49 is due to depart. We arrive at Ripponlea a full 15 minutes late. Luckily it's not too warm today, because there are hundreds of exposed armpits and some are a little on the whiffy side!

What the hell is going on at Connex? It sounds like the last couple of weeks have been chaotic and today seems to be continuing the trend. Oh, I see, Bruce Hughes is still at the helm!


Anonymous Sam said...

Well after a blissful week off myself I walk out the door to get an SMS of my train cancelled. I miss the following one but know there is another about 6 minutes later....only it never arrives with no warning at all. I wait another ten minutes. So there was one train in thirty minutes in the middle of peak hour in the morning. Really drove the fact home that the holiday was over when you have to deal with Connex`s shit. And who can forget we are paying more for the privelege.


23 January, 2006 12:23  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

I don't think I've ever received seven cancellations SMSes in one day before. So much for Bruce's claim that things are getting better - he's spent too much time listening to the Blair government's spin!

23 January, 2006 18:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received an SMS at 4:44 to say that the 4:27 had been cancelled, which was really helpful. (And never mind that I am registered for SMS's for trains departing Flinders Street between 4:30-5:15 - how does the 4:27 fit into that??)

23 January, 2006 18:39  

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