Friday, March 30, 2007

OK the bus is not it!

After all these years of frustration with The Met/M>Train/Connex I'd recently tried the bus and found it a pleasant surprise - clean, comfortable, quick and uncrowded. I'm still doing the train in/bike home thing, but as the evenings get darker, colder and wetter I've been looking seriously at the bus as on option.

But I just can't!

See the bus is due at 07:03 and if I wait until 07:07 I can still get to Ripponlea in time to catch the 07:13. And a couple of times I've played this brinkmanship game but it's too stressful!

Today I'm planning to run home, so I have the option of the bus. But it doesn't show and off I go. If it shows up while I'm between bus stops I'm not sure how I'll go flagging down the driver. Anyway it doesn't, so the point is moot. Did it show a minute later? Five minutes later? At all? And that's the problem, even if the trains are hopeless, you still have a glimmer of hope that you can find out somehow. But with the bus, you have no idea what's happening, and no way of finding out. So it's the 07:13 from Ripponlea after all... better the devil you know!

At 07:40 we get the message that all Sandy trains are delayed at Sandy due to vandalism. Looks like I was lucky with the 07:13. Would've been really spewing to have let the bus go only to find the trains screwed.