Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Connex no longer apologises

The Connex SMS cancellation alerts used to finish with "Connex apologises for any inconvenience", probably not exactly sincere, but at least there was some recognition of the fact that we, their customers, were impacted by Sir Topham's inability to keep Thomas, Edward, Percy and co running. I noticed the other day that they now say "Connex, Keeping you updated".

So what does that mean, Sir Topham? You've given up any pretence of caring? Or is it that you realise that after years of apologising without actually fixing your train set, people are sick of hearing it?

Interesting that your poor cousin, Melbourne Bus Link doesn't have an SMS alert system. Why is that? Oh, because their buses just run pretty much to the timetable and don't get cancelled!


Blogger Dennis Bareis said...

I always hated that message because they make it sound like it
just may possibly have inconvenienced someone.
Simply replacing "any" with "the" would have removed most of the annoyance for me.

Now if you really want something to whinge about, people who have yearly tickets have their addresses registered with Connex, so why do they make us supply proof that we have one when they are required to compensate users? (well I know the answer, it costs them less and they don't care about customers). I'd like mine automatically sent out, "thank you very much connex..."

24 July, 2007 21:18  
Blogger PTA All the way said...

On ABC's Difference of Opinion this week Thursday 26 at 9.25pm they will be presenting a story "What will we do when the oil runs out" with public transport the big issue apparently in the article.

Will be interesting to watch.

24 July, 2007 22:40  
Blogger Ted said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

25 July, 2007 12:56  
Blogger Ted said...

The SMS alert never alerts me for my train being late, etc. In addition to that, the timetable SMS seems to send my reply 30+ mins later, when I have wandered down to the platform and already caught the next train. Makes their SMS services kind of useless - yet they still charge for them.

25 July, 2007 12:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post.
I wonder what will John Brumby do as 'one of his 6 comittments'. He said it's a priority and although I doubt this immensely, this statement will probably woo commuters into trusting him and his Connex thugs.
I won't be voting Labour or the Liberals in the upcoming federal election...

30 July, 2007 17:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'm quite surprised. I haven't had a cancelled Connex train for a few months now, and having a cancellation less than once every 2 weeks is quite remarkable. I had one where my train was damaged last week causing it to be replaced with another train that run 15 minutes late, but that was OK.

31 July, 2007 13:15  
Blogger Chris said...

The other day I found myself screaming abuse at the TV and flinging nearby Wii Remotes at it because Kosky's face appeared.

This woman is really starting to stir some anger in me.

Bullshit like this tops it off:


31 July, 2007 15:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bullshit like that which gives us anti-connex, anti-freeway, anti-privatisation folks argumentative ammunition. It's really quite laughable - hearing Kosky rattle on about the 'ideological emotions' expressed by activists such as myself. It's purely an ideological reason why the trains are still privatised. Kosky is not only incompetent and sycophantic towards those in her bureaucracy who seek to irritate commuters, she also provides the feeblest of excuses for her portfolio's short-comings. According to Paul Mees (surely you have heard of him), he's challenged the legitimacy behind the decisions made by her portfolio and has been promptly ignored. If they can't rebut the most logical argument in history (like arguing against the flat earth society) - then I can understand why it's so hard to run a public transport network.

01 August, 2007 20:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can air your opinions about connex on the The Connex Melbourne Commuters Message Board at http://www.conexted.net

13 August, 2007 22:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like our least favourite company is here for at least one more year.

23 August, 2007 21:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray! My plan is simple: Vote Greens.
Labour and the Libs are unwillling to revoke the franchising contracts, so let the more modern thinking take place.

24 August, 2007 19:25  
Anonymous Sammi said...

This morning. Pakenham Line. Death at Sandown. No Trains from Dandenong to Westall. No Buses available to take passengers. NO MESSAGE FROM CONNEX! We were lucky enough to hear it on the radio before we got on the train at Narre Warren where we would have been hearded into the sheep pens awaiting the non existant buses at Dandenong. And to top of an excellent Connex morning, first train through.... Hits a car at Caulfield.
Its now 3.40pm. Still waiting for my message. THATS CONNEX "KEEPING US INFORMED"
Thats a joke!

16 October, 2007 15:20  

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