Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tue 7 June - Last for a while...

With a four week holiday coming up, my last inbound trip for a while is uneventful. A slight wait at Richmond, presumably in lieu of waiting in the yards, but otherwise the 07:14 is fine.

It looks like the signallers are being told to go back to work, so we'll see how that shapes up today. I must admit, I'm quite amazed that there are still people out there operating signals manually on a suburban rail network in 2005. I guess the PDP-11s just couldn't handle all of them?!

Well that ended easily - worked late to get everything done so got a cab home.

See you in a month - happy commuting.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Mon 6 June - Industrial dispute...

According to the Connex guys there's another industrial dispute that will be affecting services - the 07:49 is cancelled but that could be unrelated. Just found it on The Age website.

The 07:14 arrives on time - thankfully only two more train trips to go, since I'm out tonight.