Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Am I missing Connex...?

I'm back in Melbourne this week. I've caught four trains and each of them was at least 5 minutes late, tonight's was over 10... good job I'm not doing stats at the moment!

As is often the case, we're all standing there at 17:49 looking up and down the line like we're at a tennis match. At 17:55 they tell us the train's 6-7 minutes late. Since it's already six minutes after the scheduled departure time, I think you've got that wrong again. The train had come in from Sandy, so why oh why couldn't they have told us earlier? It was a pleasant surprise when the train driver actually apologised for the lateness over the PA system!

I miss my family and I miss Melbourne while I'm away, but I don't miss these cretins that are charged with providing a public transport system.