Friday, April 13, 2007

Not getting any better, nuff-nuff

I've broken my collar bone, so I'm pretty much stuck with the trains for the next several weeks. Tuesday the 07:13 was eight minutes late, I had medical appointments Wednesday and Thursday so worked from home around those. Today the 07:13 was about also eight minutes late. So late even by nuff-nuff's who-gives-a-toss-about-plebs-on-trains standards.

And there we're back to my favourite topic - lack of information. It's taking me much longer to get ready in the morning, so I'm racing to get to Ripponlea on time. If the SMS notification system worked as it should, I would know I didn't have to hurry!

As for the cloth-eared nuff-nuff, it seems even her own colleagues despise her. Good to know we got that right. Now who's with me in a campaign to bring Peter Batchelor back...?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only eight minutes late? Not too bad if you consider that according to the Connex website, 25.7% of trains in March on the Pakenham line were late by more than 6 minutes. Given that compensation kicks in when 8% or more of trains are more than six minutes late, does this mean people on the Pakenham line get three free daily tickets?

14 April, 2007 10:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only get SMSes for late trains when they are over 15 mins late.

14 April, 2007 15:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They say you get SMSs when your train runs more than 15 minutes late - but whenever my trains run this late I never get SMSs - although I do occasionally get SMSs when trains that I'm not on run more than 15 minutes late.

15 April, 2007 14:38  
Blogger PTA All the way said...

Made my way to Melbourne for a weeks R and R from the FIFO gig in Perth.

Fuck me what a complete disaster the network is since I was living there(Cheltenham) 12 months ago. Got down to Cheltenham bright and Early (on day of departure) to catch the train into SSS planning to go the Skybus to the Airport ( I dont believe in tolls).

Get down at Cheltenham for the 05.55 service and the bloody thing does'nt arrive. Thats ok Ive got 2 hours before my flight . Jump on the next train and we sit at Bentleigh East what seemed like an enternity and then do the same at Caulfield.

Make it SSS with a hour and a half and pray the Skybus is on time and thankfully it is. You are so lucky Connex that I didnt miss my flight but when your on a budget on Holidays and dont want to burden friends public transport is the only way plus like I said I dont believe in paying tolls so some greedy bastard makes atidy profit!.

Luckily had the GF with me so she was able to restrain me from going troppo at the Man in Black at SSS but gave him a parting shot as we went thru down below.

Connex WTF is going on Ive seen Perth Trains run 30 secs apart on the Armadale-Thornlie line and they get in and out on time and the signals and system know where everyone is all the time and the communication in Perth cant be beat the driver tells you what is going on all the time.

It's unfortunate to say it but I cant see a change in the attitude of Kosky and Connex until a Fatality/Train Crash occurs on the Network and a NTSB inquiry forces them to make changes.

Connex go out and buy the Phoenix System for you Central Control.

Works a dream in Perth as it has the ability to organise trains and keep them seperated with out human intervention.

Kosky pull your head out of Bracks's arse and Phil lets get Batchelor back!

16 April, 2007 01:28  
Blogger PTA All the way said...

Oh yeah Connex Man, I got a reply from the PTA in regards to us wanting them to tender have posted on my blog.

Wont give up though am gonna keep writing to allannah.

16 April, 2007 01:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is apparently a decade since Kennett announced that trains would be privatsied. *sigh*

17 April, 2007 09:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People like the person mentioned in the article,21985,21587106-2862,00.html really really worry me. To think people still want to Melbourne train system cut into 4 franchises!!
Imagine if that had happened and we had four franchisees as at the start of this year - with the Siemens train crisis, the whole Pakenham Cranbourne and Frankston lines might have been shut down for a month or two because of the trainline specific rollingstock which came about during privitisation a few years ago, before M>Train ditched us.

20 April, 2007 11:13  

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