Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wed 8 February - Not OK...

So far so good... the 07:14 is on time.

But home time is another example of how utterly hopeless Connex can be. Arrive on the platform at about 18:20 - there's a train on platform 8 and one on platform 9. The monitors on 9 are blank, on 8 they're advising the 18:18 is not taking passengers. They're trying to seperate the platform 8 train into two so the Williamstown commuters can have a half train to get home on. There's a bloke in a Connex vest holding a walkie-talkie who's frowning in consternation at the coupling between the two halves, somehow willing them to come apart. "You could just run a full-length train", I helpfully suggest. He scowls at me.

Meanwhile there's a small mob of us crowding around asking about the 18:24 Sandy train, since it's now just gone 18:24. He has a quick chat to somebody over the radio who then announces it'll be seven minutes late. Of course... it's over 30°C!

The train on platform 9 slides out unnoticed but empty. Why didn't they just give us that one?

Anyway, the 18:24 comes in, we shoehorn oursleves into it and eventually we depart. We have a very friendly and courteous driver who announces over the loudspeaker system that there had indeed been a defective train at Flinders Street and he apologises for the inconvenience. Given that it's out of his control, he should not need to apologise. But I'm sure we all felt a little less annoyed after he did. We hit Ripponlea about eight minutes later than scheduled.


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