Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tue 7 February - A bit crowded...

Not sure what the story is, but the 07:14 is pretty full compared to usual. I'm not aware that there was a problem with the 06:59 and we're pretty much on time, so there's no obvious reason. Maybe I've just got used to the lighter load over the holiday period?

The line's most unreliable service, the 07:59, was cancelled yesterday and again this morning. Good reason to stay away from travelling at that time of day.

Conversely the 17:38 doesn't seem as crowded as normal. Who knows why? Anyway it's pretty much on time.


Anonymous Adam said...

Yes for the second straight morning the 7:57 (Ripponlea) Sandringham train was cancelled. Amazing!!! They obivously still have problems with that train. As a result the 8:07 is jam packed...and not very safe for anybody...furthemore it was delayed due to people struggling to get off the train at various stations.

Pull your finger out connex - this is getting riddiculous!!!

07 February, 2006 09:21  

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