Monday, February 06, 2006

Mon 6 February - How do they know...?

I'm starting late again today as it's my son's first day at 4yo kinder. The last few times I've had something to do before work, I've just missed one train that managed to be one if the few that departs bang on time. Then the following train has been some minutes late... it's like a punishment for not making enough effort to catch the earlier train!

So this morning I decide that I might as well go for the 08:49, since I have about seven minutes after leaving the kinder. With the dunces on the road, I end up cutting it a lot finer than anticipated, but knowing that if I don't make the effort I would be penalised, I pull out all stops. I get to the platform at 08:48... Phew!

A few seconds later there's an announcement that it's been delayed by five minutes. There's no chance that would've happened had I not raced to get there on time. I'm sure it's not a conspiracy, but...

We pull in about seven minutes late.

Home on the 17:49, about three minutes late at Ripponlea. Get to the car and I've got a ticket. That's the extra bit of punishment for rushing this morning - I should've twigged that there were too many vacant spots, but I was in a hurry and thought the train's arrival was more imminent than it actually was. I wonder when it changed from all day to two hour parking - the sign looks very new.


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