Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thu 15 June - Winding up...

I'm probably going to mothball Connex Whinger for a while at least. I'm looking at spending most of my time in Perth for the next two or three months. Since I'll be commuting with Qantas, keep your eye out for my new blog...!

The 07:14 is pretty much on time again today.

Home on the 17:49 and it's pretty right too.


Blogger IP Knightly said...

That's a shame. It's been an entertaining ride.

So, on reflection, do you think your endeavour has been worth it? Have you been the thorn in the flesh of Connex you sought to be? Do you think it has pushed them into any action they wouldn't have otherwise taken? Do you see it as proof of the power of public action?

15 June, 2006 09:07  
Anonymous Steve said...

I think I discovered a scam that Connex runs to manipulate their stats.
This morning they announced at 8:00am that the 8:01 service is delayed and is expected in 7 minutes. Now guess what, the 8:01 showed right on time at 8:01 and arrived on time in town.
Now, it seems that they now count trains that run on time as delayed which would explain why CWs stats differ from Connex offical stats.

15 June, 2006 10:10  
Anonymous Sam said...

It's a shame as this has been pretty much the only publicly accessible outlet to air and discuss Victorian public transport issues. From a regular commuters point of view anyway.

Thanks for the effort put into this blog Phil and all the best in Perth.


15 June, 2006 10:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Taggle will be happy to hear that you go! Talking of him, we haven't seem him here lately.

Anyway, sad to hear your intention to wind this blog down!

15 June, 2006 11:28  
Blogger IP Knightly said...

Sam, there's another option I know of where you can sound off -- the Melbourne Suburban forum on Railpage,

It's an anoraks' website, filled with tossers, bullies and wannabe drivers, and almost any time you slag off Connex you're howled down or abused by numbskulls.

Connexwhinger is one of their enemies, I suspect -- a traitor because he dares accuse Connex of deficient service.

Still, it's good fun to rev them all up.

15 June, 2006 13:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Esteemed CW,

as a fellow beleaguered Sandringham commuter, I will miss your blog, it's kept me from going postal and also helped me "maintain the rage".

Hope you're back up and blogging soon.

...just making sure punctuation is up to some fellow posters' exacting standard...

15 June, 2006 16:05  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody. With any luck it'll only be two or three months and then if I'm back into a regular commuting routine you can be sure the Connex Whinger will be back looking for Connex related issues to complain about... doubtless there'll still be plenty!


15 June, 2006 17:20  
Blogger The Met said...

ip kinghtly - "a thorn in the flesh of Connex"

well ignorance is bliss.

Your description of "Railpage Forums" (god knows how you would get access) of a group of enthusiasts, and more specifically 'railway' enthusiast. You're pedantic uncivil tongue will be cut if you use it unwisely.

I certainly doubt why people should believe your pure account on what really goes on, and let people judge for themselves. That would be like my saying your a dickhead and everybody believing it - sorry for the example but it's true.

Don't let words be put into your mouth by one of anothers.

anonymous, one too many "g"s in my name.

I've been busy, with more important business. And whoever would like to make some smart alic comment can [insert offensive comment here]

You'd be amazed who many views are expresssed ever so similarly.

"...Your an asshat Mr Batch..."

interesting topic, perhaps you may follow.

"We are nothing without out enemies"
Goodbye Mr Whinger, perhaps i could take the fill in? Hah, i doubt it; not in this life.

I'm nor happy nor sad. Well perhaps just that inch happier.

Annoying Met
Can't-spell Met
Eccentric Met

15 June, 2006 19:54  
Blogger IP Knightly said...

Spoken like a true madman, The Met.

15 June, 2006 20:58  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

IP Knightly, despite Chris's disparaging response, yes I think I have ruffled a few feathers within Connex - whether that's achieved anything or not is another matter.

The point is you can't expect a complete victory, it's more of a dripping tap... If enough people keep hassling the likes of Bruce Hughes and that slimy weasel Batchelor then it may just influence things slightly. And in the end it can be satisfying just to make the CEO of a large corporation lose his rag with you!

And let's not forget the stupidity with the complaint forms going back to the early days... it was a nice little victory of commonsense over bureaucracy.

Looking back, I can't really say much has been achieved, but this is just a pause, it ain't over yet!

16 June, 2006 08:07  
Anonymous sam said...

I've actually had a look at Railpage and I've never seen such a collection of sad, boring people in all my life. Similar to how you described it really. I mean these guys know the individual trains by the serial numbers. They also appear to hold regular commuters in contempt.

Thanks, but no thanks.

A good public forum to discuss PT issues for Vics is a space the PTUA has failed to fill, and the CW blog here did to some extent. I guess we'll see where everything stands in September.


16 June, 2006 13:54  
Blogger The Met said...

"Spoken like a true madman, The Met."

Thankyou. Always was and always will. ;)

Connex Whinger i bid you good luck in your future conquests...

16 June, 2006 18:24  

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