Friday, June 09, 2006

Fri 9 June - Cancellations...

An early morning SMS alert that the 06:40 is cancelled gives me cause to go back through the inbox. There was one yesterday evening, but apart from that they're probably averaging one cancellation a week, which is quite an improvement over the pattern a year or so ago.

Unfortunately there are still frequent delays, as the stats attest, but they're not so bad. What still hasn't improved in the slightest is the woeful passenger information. Far too often we're left standing on the platform with no information about if or when to expect our train after its scheduled departure time. If they could just fix that...

Anyway we're on time this morning. seems to be a bit intermittent lately - apologies if you're having trouble getting access and for the delay in my posting!

On time coming home too - on the 17:27.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the 8:52 from windsor, which i guess would have been the 8:49 from Ripponlea, was also cancelled. the SMS came at 8:12, instead of 5 minutes after the scheduled train time, which is a nice change!

09 June, 2006 12:50  

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