Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summary 29 May-2 June

With only three trips this week the stats haven't changed much. The six week trend is showing trains that are on time are still only 58%, late 29% and very late/cancelled 13%. Have a look at the graph, it's a very long way from Connex' rosy picture!

(As it happens I went to the Connex website to see what their latest fairy tale figures were and the site was down - those PDP-11s must be struggling again!)


Blogger The Met said...

I still can't believe you align your findings with those of Connex.

It is simply impractical to compare 'your' findings, and those of Connex, as they really compare different things.

Connex has a broad scale incorporating ALL services, yours are just the little details about your piddly two service you take every weekday. Yes, it is more detailed, but you only take into account >3% of all entire services.

It's like saying Connex is 80% (everywhere) late just because my (single) service is always 80% late.

2 services do not represent over 1000 services each day.

I know it's blastedly obvious...
Doesn't anybody here...

04 June, 2006 14:27  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Ahh Chris, you simply refuse to understand, don't you?

Nobody, least of all me, is attempting to say that my stats reflect the wider Connex network. In fact I have been at pains to point out on several occasions that it is precisely their averaging across those 1,000 services per day that is so utterly meaningless!

The point being that running a bunch of trains that are almost empty in the non-peak hours is not that much of a challenge, you'd expect them to be more or less on time (and given their six minute buffer, it must be almost impossible not to!). But regular commuters, who make up the vast majority of passengers, could not give a flying fig about what happens the rest of the day. They care about their peak hour services, and this is what I am providing stats on.

So let me say this very slowly and you read it the same way...

My... stats... are... not... relevant... to... Connex'... meaningless... averages...

I... am... not... even... attempting... to... relate... them... in... any... way... as... their... stats... are... utter... garbage...

So... to... be... clear,... I... am... not... trying... to... "align... my... findings... with... those... of... Connex..."


05 June, 2006 09:04  
Blogger The Met said...

"Have a look at the graph, it's a very long way from Connex' rosy picture!"

So... your... not... aliging... your... findings... with... Connex's...?

I know what you utterly mean. Im aware!

"as... their... stats... are... utter... garbage..."

Well OK, 2 train trips compared to the entire operations run... I don't think so.

"They care about their peak hour services, and this is what I am providing stats on."

Well you can't see a pure figure from one service for morning peak, and one afternoon service.

Just because 'your' service is late, doesn't always mean that the next service will be late, nor will the overall lateness of peak service trains be reflected by YOUR results.

Your 'stats'; only apply to those taking the precicely same service as yours, and only give a very small overview of service provided.

I also daresay that they are 'real world' statistics, they are, and then they aren't.

07 June, 2006 10:18  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Saw this quote today in another forum and it seems very apt...

You might as well hurl shoes in the air to knock clouds from the sky. The internet's perfect for all manner of things, but productive discussion ain't one of them. It provides scant room for debate and infinite opportunities for fruitless point-scoring: the heady combination of perceived anonymity, gestated responses, random heckling and a notional "live audience" quickly conspire to create a "perfect storm" of perpetual bickering."
[Charlie Brooker Friday June 2, 2006 The Guardian]

Chris, let's try one last time. I am not attempting to "align" my stats to Connex' because theirs are meaningless. End of story!

08 June, 2006 11:39  

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