Monday, May 22, 2006

Mon 22 May - Ticket inspectors...?

I've not hidden my views on the role of the ticket enforcement officers, particularly in regard to the lack of necessity in the free public transport world. The aspect I rarely comment on is the stormtrooper approach to their task.

For those who didn't see it there's a comment here that suggests they are still carrying on with their bully-boy tactics. If anybody has any first-hand experience of such behaviour perhaps they could contact Kym? His details are there on his blog.

The 07:14 is more or less on time.

Not so the 18:12. Annoyingly, I could've possibly made the 18:01 but I'd hate to be racing up the platform just in time to see it pulling out, so I walk normally and get there a couple of minutes after it's gone. Then we all stand around and wait while the departure time approaches until it's fairly obvious the 18:12 will be late. Still we wait and still no announcement. Why the hell can't they just tell us where our train is? It eventually pulls in unannounced and out again about eight minutes late. We pull into Ripponlea twelve minutes late - which is the time the 18:24 is due in.

This is the aspect that really gets my goat about Connex. Sure, stuff happens that's out of their control, we all understand that. But this train must've been somewhere around Prahran or South Yarra, still heading into the city, at its scheduled departure time. And somebody in Metrol must've known that. So why on God's green Earth won't they just tell us?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connex also have trouble keeping their trains on time on the weekend. Home from work on the 3.27pm to Greenborough on Saturday. After stopping for extended periods of time at a number of stations, the train pulls into Greensborough 9 minutes late. One of the latest trains of been on for some time

22 May, 2006 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 8:44 from Sandringham, which becomes the 9:01 from Windsor, was cancelled this morning, as reliably announced by Hillary Harper on 774 ABC Melbourne at 8:35, but where was my SMS?? I havent received SMS updates Connex for ages, have they stopped sending them?

22 May, 2006 11:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After arriving this morning on the station and after validating my card, Connex announced that the schedules service will not run and terminate at Dandenong. A bus service will then be provided, which will usually extend the trip from one to two hours. So I turned around and drove into town myself.

These bastards certainly knew that there were some issues but telling you 2 minutes before the scheduled time means that I have wasted a fully daily ticket for nothing!

22 May, 2006 13:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...Bracksie and The Weasel digging themselves a bigger hole?

23 May, 2006 00:49  
Blogger The Met said...

anon1 - perhaps a train fault, i cant gather much from your statement.

anon2 - yes 774 ABC is a good source of information on delays. I would give up the SMS system for a while.

anon3/bastard - Well at least 'the bastards' put a service out. Supposedly better than being left stranded.

"Hmm...Bracksie and The Weasel digging themselves a bigger hole? "

Perhaps, but Peter and Steve seem to want to cover it up.

23 May, 2006 15:57  
Anonymous Ris said...

CW - I've noticed this with the 6.12 out of Flinders St nearly all week, I hate running like a moron so I walk along casually only to find the platform is still packed at 6.16. I am really annoyed at this lack of sms updates, and when I did finally get one the other week, it was at 7.47 am to tell me that the 8.00 was cancelled... really shows they understand "where I'd rather wait"

01 June, 2006 01:07  

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