Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thu 18 May - Reasons to be cheerful...

Not sure how many remember Ian Dury's hit from a few decades ago? He lists a plethora of mundane and obscure reasons to be cheerful. This morning Ian's song is in my head and I try to insert "travelling with Connex" without success - it scans OK but it just jars too much. Even when the train's more or less on time you're still waiting for the next problem to arise! Maybe I need "A bit of grin and bear it" instead...?

Home on the 18:50 and it's bang on time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A bit of grin and bear it" and of course validate your metcard!

18 May, 2006 18:29  
Blogger The Met said...

$10.2 billion dollars dedicated to public transport and bike tracks...

This would see one of the largest investment made by a governent for quite a while.

Some people would be happy.

Well, so much for Peter Weaselby and Steve Bractacular...

18 May, 2006 18:37  
Blogger The Met said... (2).gif


18 May, 2006 19:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I guess what you're saying is that $10.2bn is to be spent, none of it on the Sandy line.

Hmm... sounds like the only effect on Connex Whinger will be a hike in his ticket price, or a reduction in his waistline, if he takes to the bike tracks instead.

18 May, 2006 21:09  
Blogger The Met said...

Ha the obvious fake met!

18 May, 2006 22:13  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Chris, now that I've calmed down, let me start with why I deleted your comment. Say what you want about what I write, but be very, very careful what you accuse me of. I don't have to put up with that from you or from anybody else. Would you say that to my face? No. Then don't say it in here.

With regard to your $10.2b, I think you need to read where it's going...

The only bit relevant to most train travellers is $800m for new trains... big deal. How many will that buy? And how will it affect peak hour reliability? Will it increase carrying capacity at those times?

I expect the only people who would be really happy would be those supplying the trains at some inflated price. But if you want to kid yourself it's all good for PT users, best not to read the link above and remain in blissful ignorance.

18 May, 2006 22:14  
Blogger The Met said...

Mr WHinger; i have commented elsewhere on the appropriate ways to contact me, furthermore do you not see what consistent and rediculous remarks come out of some other people.

Of course, it's ever so appealing to leave here.

In relation to $ 800 million; that may be incorrect, you see, one source cannot possibly gather ALL aspects, and plans DO change.

I will review your post until a later date, and when i can gether the correct statistics.

I can easily say this system is not up to scratch. But i can also say, it is not a decrepit consistently delayed rail service.

A completely unrelated statement to you Mr Whinger, and i place caution to many others out there.

19 May, 2006 21:40  

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