Friday, May 12, 2006

Fri 12 May - $176m well spent...?

So we see the announcement that Metrol systems are finally set to be upgraded at a cost of $88m. We can confidently predict that'll blow out to double the original estimates, so we might as well say $176m now. Is that too much money?

I don't think so, and not just because I'm an IT guy. Put this in perspective - they are running PDP-11s from the early 1970s; there would not be too many organisations that have managed to make an IT investment last that long. So when you consider what's NOT been spent in the intervening decades (yes, I know about the failed project from a few years ago) it's not really a lot. Especially when you think how much was spent on Southern Cross Station. That's simply a monument to Weasel Batchelor's huge ego - this new system, if properly implemented will finally give Connex the foundations for some major improvements in service delivery... bring it on!

I'm on the 09:11 after taking my daughter to school... it's about five minutes late and dumps us on platform 12.

Home on the 17:38 and it's on time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way too much money for them to waste

13 May, 2006 09:34  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

What, so you'd rather have 30-yo technology at the heart of their operations? Suit yourself, but I'd like to see them start building a system that can take advantage of today's technology and set them up properly for use of tomorrow's. That sure won't happen with the PDP-11s.

13 May, 2006 10:33  
Blogger The Met said...


'bout bleedin time.

(Even though it might have the possibility of being over-budget and overdue (like everything, with any government)

13 May, 2006 10:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aah, the met...

so young to be so cynical...

13 May, 2006 12:35  
Anonymous Beep said...

How about a private funded infrastructure project. It would be funny to see e-tags for trains (not to mention the additional charge to the fare)! I am sure the Weasel will love this idea and MacBank is already preparing to find some super investors to dumb some money on this.

13 May, 2006 18:26  
Blogger The Met said...

Well if your calling 'me' cynical, your calling Mr Whingers notation cynical too.

I merely agreed. And hey it's basically the plain old truth. You all end up complaining about it discreetly, about how things are overbudget and overdue anyway. Why not say it know, and save some time instead of later...

e-tags for trains...? I believe it's called the "Smartcard" ticketing system.

14 May, 2006 12:28  
Blogger Neoxide said...

But I like PDP-11s!

02 April, 2007 19:21  

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