Friday, June 16, 2006

Fri 16 June - So long, for now...

Well this is pretty much it for now, apart from the weekly stats update over the weekend. I'll leave the blog active of course, so feel free to keep using it for chats if you like. If you want to have a whinge to me at any time, will still work.

All being well I'd anticipate recommencing my daily whinges in September.

The 07:14 is OK again this morning.

Fittingly the week ends with confusion. The board at the entrance tells us the 19:05 will depart from platform 8. The monitors on the platform confirm this to be the plan once the "Train not taking passengers" has shifted itself. However it looks like the "Train not taking passengers" that's just sitting there may have an alternative plan!

Suddenly the monitors change and tell us the next Sandy train going from platform 8 is the 19:20... uh oh!

Anyway the platform 9 monitors have been changed to show the 19:05 will go from there instead. Trouble is that it's 19:05, no train, no announcement. It arrives shortly afterwards and we make it to Ripponlea about three minutes late.


Anonymous The Met said...

May be you can give your blog to me and I will do a bit more balancing about the good things of Connex that you dont do

17 June, 2006 11:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris - you are an absolute tosser and loser. get a life!


17 June, 2006 14:38  
Blogger IP Knightly said...

Here's an idea, Met: start a blog of your own and call it Connex Whinger Whinger. You're a popular guy, you'll have plenty of readers as you sound off every day, a stimulating group who'll engage in witty repartee with you. Start now! Off you go!

17 June, 2006 18:28  
Blogger The Met said...

ip-knightly - Done it already - although i seem to lack the energy of Mr Whinger, i have less time to do something productive.

the met (fake) - perhaps i might...

30 June, 2006 17:18  

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