Monday, February 13, 2006

Mon 13 February - All aboard...

I finally set up the train set for my son over the weekend. (It's a Marklin Z gauge set, very small!) He's got the basics of how to operate it properly, a la the Japanese approach. This weekend we'll work on the Connex approach - the train will keep breaking down, it'll be delayed or cancelled for no obvious reason, and he won't tell anybody what's going on!

The 07:14 is more or less on time this morning although we get dumped on platform 10 for some reason. What a mess - I'm sure they'll get it sorted before the Commonwealth Games though...

Arrive at Flinders Street this evening and there's a train on platform 8 but the monitors are blank. I'm about to hop on and they announce that the train on platform 9 is a Williamstown train. But there is no train on platform 9! This is repeated a few times over a couple of minutes, until it's suddenly changed to the Williamstown train is on platform 8. Half the people pile out of the train, looking around in a slightly bewildered way, wondering where the Sandy line train is if this isn't it.

A fellow passenger questions why they don't tell us what's happening to our train when there is obviously some confusion. We both have a whinge about how utterly hopeless Connex is in keeping passengers informed.

A train slips in unnanounced on platform 9. Once bitten twice shy... very few passengers board the train. The monitors remain blank. The announcer confirms it's the 17:38 to Sandy and we all pile in. We're three minutes late at Ripponlea.


Anonymous Sam said...

Caught a later train this morning and I see that Connex's sh*t service extends right up to the end of morning rush hour. I saw an ad on the weekend that Channel 7 news are doing a report on the overcrowded trains this week. They take cameras on board to film it. Though my experience is that if you can fit a camera crew on a carriage then it's not a true Connex sardine service like this mornings.


13 February, 2006 11:01  

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