Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wed 11 May - Industrial action...

Industrial action? Sends a shiver down your spine when you think back to a couple of decades ago and the chaos on the roads - I didn't use public transport back then, but still felt the impact.

Anyway, the possibility was mooted by our station guys this morning, in relation to the lack of SMS alerts recently. I need to look into this. We got one at about 06:40 to advise the 07:29 was cancelled so perhaps they've sorted things out? Would've even given you time to adjust your plans for the earlier train - how good is that?!

Despite all that, the 07:14 is on time, so I’m alright Jack!

Home time. That's a big improvement on the last time I went for the 18:01... Only a minute late I can live with!


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