Friday, April 29, 2005

Summary 25-29 April

Here's the summary of our fourth week, looking good!

The stats so far show 60% of trains I've gone for getting a green status, 10% orange and 30% red, barely changed from where we were at the end of week two.


I've given them a green if the train that I wanted to catch departs within two minutes of the scheduled time and I've given them an orange if they are "on time" according to Connex - seem fair?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, give those wankers on railpage hell - most of them are kids who get off on trains because they can't find girlfriends and still get a hard on over a train even if it is half an hour late. I wouldn't waste my time on them and you should concentrate on getting a feel for the actual commuters themselves, and make sure they know that they do have a say!

02 May, 2005 11:51  

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