Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tue 19 April - A suspicion confirmed...

07:14 on time again today. Generally this one's pretty good most of the time - probably tempting fate saying that!

I recently had a chat to a senior Connex person about some of the issues on the Sandy line - to be fair, I whinged, he listened. Anyway, he unofficially confirmed what I, and I'm sure many others, have often suspected. Most senior Connex execs do not use their own system. Think about that for a minute... most senior Connex execs do not use their own system. Is that because they know it's crap? Is their time so much more important than their that of their passengers that they can't afford to be delayed?

Here's a suggestion for you Bruce. You and your mates come visit our world for a while and see if you still think you're providing an acceptable level of service.

Somebody sent me a pic of Bruce on the way to work... Bruce's limo

Home time and the 17:38 leaves at 17:38. I know this the ultimate hypocrisy - the 17:27 left several minutes late, so it meant we had a less crowded train than usual - a small part of me was happier to have more room, despite the overcrowdedness my fellow passengers would've suffered taking half our trainload on the 17:27!


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