Friday, April 08, 2005

Fri 8 April - Not too bad...

We're not ending the week too badly. The 07:14 runs. And it's pretty much on time.

Aim for the 17:38. At 17:32 the sign at the station entrance is still showing the 17:27 and the 17:38 as the next two trains. Onto the platform, the monitor still shows the next train as 17:27 but the platform is almost empty. Within another minute or so the monitor updates to show the 17:38 - all good. The train rolls in just after 17:38 and we depart about three minutes late. So another "on time" success for Connex.

This was undoubtedly the best day of the week... for me!

Shaz has a different story - she goes for the 18:12. I managed to obtain a transcript of the train controller and the driver talking over their radios

Train Controller (TC): These people look like they've had a bad week, let's see if we can just tip them over the edge

Train Driver (TD): OK, can you switch me over to platform 13, they hate that

TC: No worries, but we'll leave the monitor on platform 8 showing the 18:12

TD: Brilliant! ... just pulling in now

TC: OK, we've got about a minute to go, I'll just blank out the monitors... keep 'em guessing

TD: Damn, a few people seem to have figured it out and they're getting on the train

TC: Yeah, sorry about that, the apprentice put it on the monitors

TD: No probs, it's only a few

TC: OK, it's 18:12, I'll announce it now, I'll let you know when the first ones get to platform 13

TD: Righty-oh, got my finger on the button

TC: Ladies and gentlemen the 6:12 Sandringham train will depart from platform 13

Passengers: You're kidding, it's 6:12 now, let's run

[Swarms of passengers gallop up the stairs and escalators]

TC: Here they come... first one is just coming down the stairs now

TD: Thanks mate, just hit the button now... he he he

TC: Good one mate, you should see their faces... ha ha ha... Hang on a minute, has that guy got an AK-47?

I should just mention that today I put in a complaint form about my not being able to print information on the back of the complaint form. Needless to say, I put it in without my propaganda on the back!


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