Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tue 5 April - Getting worse...

Connex advise the industrial dispute is resolved (sort of) so we can assume SMS alerts are working again. And there's the 07:14 just about on time. Maybe things aren't so bad.

But you knew it was going to get worse, didn't you? SMS is working again, so I receive an alert at 17:18 advising that the 17:38 is cancelled... great! This doesn't allow enough time to pack up and get down for the 17:27, so that's not much help. On the basis that the 17:49 will have double its normal load I make the fatal mistake of deciding to let the 17:49 go and catch the 18:01 instead. As I'm leaving the office I comment to a fellow Sandringham line commuter that I have a bad feeling about it. Sure enough there's the SMS confirming the 18:01 is cancelled. So now I can catch the 18:12, which will be doubled up too, or wait for the 18:24. Hmmm, what's the likelihood of the 18:24 not running? So I pay $25 for a cab and get home without further aggravation. Thanks Connex.


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