Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wed 20 April - "Get a life"...

"Get a life" the lady says. Because I'm asking if people want a complaint form about the belated notification of the 07:14 cancellation. It's 07:20 and having told us it's delayed by eight minutes, Connex now tell us it's cancelled. For some reason my action causes the lady offence. Needless to say she doesn't receive a lot of support. But this illustrates the divided opinions between those who accept near enough is good enough and those who don't. We whingers are attacked for being whingers, yet we rarely see the contented being attacked for accepting shoddy service. Why is that?

Personally I think those who don't stand up for themselves are doing society a disservice, but that's just my view. But it would never occur to me to launch an unprovoked attack on their position - each to his own, I say. I've seen it in the Railpage forum - why won't I just accept crap customer service? Because the more crap we put up with, the more "they" will give us - it's as simple as that.

Anyway, the SMS alert arrives at 07:22 - why does it take so long for this information to come through? Undoubtedly they knew well beforehand that they had a problem. Just tell us!

Which segues nicely into the evening experience. No SMS about the 17:38 so we're hopeful, until we see the sign at the entrance - 17:49 and 18:01. Sure enough the monitor's showing 17:49, so that's what we get. The SMS at 17:35 confirms there's no 17:38. Once again they knew that several minutes earlier, so why so long to send the SMS? I handed out my remaining complaint forms at Ripponlea - unfortunately nowhere near enough again so I'm shouting to people to download a form from


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