Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thu 21 April - "On time"...

The 07:14 arrives a couple of minutes late and manages to lose another minute or two along the way, so it was still "on time". Then we're dropped in the dank and dingy dungeon of Platform 13. OK, I'm whingeing just for the sake of it now, at least it's better than yesterday's trip.

I'm getting slaughtered over in the Railpage forum. Looks like they're not too keen on my idea of giving Bruce Hughes the flick. Interestingly there's a few votes in favour, despite no supporting posts for my position in the thread. That's OK, I like a good stoush!

When I handed in my complaint forms today I asked the "nobody's complaining to us" lady about my many previous complaints, since there's been no responses yet. Seems they've all got lost in the system. Yeah right! Anyway, she's kindly offered to find them and refax them all.

17:38 runs OK, thankfully, since the 17:49's been cancelled. As it happens the 17:49 cancellation SMS was sent at 17:22, so there would've been time to shoot for the earlier train had somebody been planning to catch it. Big tick to Connex SMS alerts people.


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